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NFT - digital art

The brave new world of Art

What is a NFT?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique, digital assets that are secured by the blockchain. They can take the form of tangible along with (more common) intangible items such as digital: music files, art, and real estate. These often take the form of JPG, MP3, or GIF. Each individual token is stored on the blockchain, meaning a digital certification is created – this provides verifiable information as to who the owner is and allows the NFT to be stored in the database.

NFTs have made it possible for items within the digital world (such as art) to be owned and traced back to a single person due to blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens create the verifiable ownership of a specific piece of work as well as the list of owners who had previous possession of it.

This is a concept that already exists since 2014. As Blockchain technology becomes the backbone of the new internet (3.0) the NFT space provides a much needed platform for the birth of new asset classes. 

Looking to the future I decided to digitalise my art. These NFTs are available on various platforms.

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