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Meet the Artist

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I'm Cornelius Botha and I love to paint landscapes.

My favourite colors are pure blue (hex #0021f3) and strong pink (hex #ca278c).

Travel is my number one hobby and classical my choice of music. I enjoy trying all sorts of cultural foods. Dumplings is definitively a must! Good, tasteful humor and a sensible way of living, make all the difference. 

I think of my paintings as little short stories. Every time I start something new I can't help but wonder what will come forth. Life is a canvas, my question is: "Are you painting?". I believe we were all born to create! One of our most powerful attributes.

Hope you enjoy my work and find your favourite!

Welcome to art73, where color makes a difference.


Joseph 2020 (320 x 180mm Oil)

Joseph (a short story) 


Have you ever thought what went through the mind of Jospeh (the one with the colored coat) been taken out of the pit, on the way to a foreign land. Sold by his own people, those he trusted. I can imagine how the sun was burning on the new slave boy's back, traveling through the desert, passing different landmarks - "a dead tree". Most probably those were the memories while sitting in prison.


How often do we start with great ideas, hopes and dreams - things connected to our calling, little glimpses of the future. Have you ever shared your dreams? Joseph did! A moment that turned his life upside down.


It's not only his story, but many people's. The question is: Do you have what Joseph had? Not only did he remember his dreams but also the One who gave them.


Let your landmarks become colorful testimonies!

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